Esta serie de informes está basado en las presentaciones realizadas por científicos en la Reunión Anual ARVO 2010 ("El futuro de la investigación del Ojo y la Visión") en Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, que tuvo lugar del 2 al 6 de mayo de 2010.  La información aquí recogida aborda los últimos avances en enfermedades degenerativas de la retina y ofrece nuevos e interesantes enfoques para tratarlas.

Fuente: E.Ritchman, Retina International


Retina International Reports from the ARVO 2010 Annual Meeting

By Elaine A. Richman, Ph.D.

Richman Associates, LLC

Baltimore, MD

This series of reports is based on presentations by scientists and scientist/clinicians at the ARVO 2010 Annual Meeting (“The Future of Eye and Vision Research”), in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, held from May 2 – 6, 2010.  There were uncountable numbers of opportunities to glean new information about retinal degenerative diseases and to learn about new devices and approaches for detecting and treating each.

arvoAdvances in the field are significant and gaining momentum.  Many new disease-related gene mutations have been identified. So have new ways to introduce healthy genes into retinal cells. New technologies for stimulating the retina indirectly were described.  Scientists reported new evidence about the effect of certain vitamins and proteins on photoreceptor health. Stem cells received a lot of attention because of their capacity to transform into different types of cells. We also heard about tight junctions, the portions of cell membranes that prevent the passage of therapeutic agents between cells. Read below for reports on these topics and more.